Less heat at Selma school meeting

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - A more subdued setting at the Selma City School Board meeting.

It was a very different scene two weeks ago when the board terminated superintendent  Dr. Donald Jefferson.

Despite not being on the agenda this time around, Jefferson still came up.

A couple concerned residents went to the microphone to express frustrations and worries they have over the school system.

While they know Jefferson has been terminated, they hope their voices can make a change and bring him back to the office.

One resident asked the board members who voted to fire Jefferson - to resign.

Board member Brenda Randolph Obomanu says everybody has their own opinion.

Board member Frank Chestnut, Jr. says he's still going to work for District Three and that he's had overwhelming support since he voted to terminate Jefferson.

Still some residents believe Jefferson was the best thing for Selma City Schools.

"My ultimate goal is for them to say they made a mistake, redeem themselves and allow Dr. Jefferson to return to his job with pay," says Carolyn Robinson.

"In order for them to go forward and to go to college and go further than Alabama, they are way on the bottom of the totem pole. And this superintendent was trying to bring them up, but these people won't let him," says Velma Brewer.

Some people feel the school system wouldn't fire Jefferson if they didn't have a good reason.  They say the board is elected to do a job and know the law.

Dr. Jefferson filed a lawsuit against the school system and all five board members. Selma City Schools should receive the lawsuit next week.  Once they respond, a preliminary hearing date can be set.

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