Montgomery mayor mourns Emory Folmar's death

Mayor Todd Strange
Mayor Todd Strange
File Photo: Emory Folmar
File Photo: Emory Folmar

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The news of former Mayor Emory Folmar's death hit current Montgomery leaders hard especially since many of them worked alongside Folmar.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says Folmar was not only a friend to him, but a role model as well.

Strange says Folmar's footprints are all over Montgomery. He says the former Mayor worked to develop downtown with the Embassy Suites hotel and the revitalization of the train shed.

He says perhaps Folmar's biggest legacy is the progress he made with the military--working to promote and ensure the successful future of Maxwell and Gunter air force bases.

While the Mayor admits this is a great loss, he has one message for Folmar's loved ones.

"Take comfort in the fact that he was a great leader. Take comfort in the fact that he was a wonderful family man, he's a Christian. He's a lot better off today than he has been in the last few weeks because he's been hurting and been suffering. And just take comfort in the fact that he will be missed and he will leave a great legacy."

Mayor Strange says he spoke with Folmar's family and extends his greatest condolences.

He says Mayor Folmar's funeral will include what he calls "full honors" with members of the police and fire departments and honor guard.

Mayor Strange has ordered all city flags be flown at half staff Saturday.

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