Retailers lure early holiday shopper

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Many people took advantage of the Veterans Day Holiday, not only to honor those who served, but to shop.  Stores and malls were packed with shoppers, and many of those stores already have holiday sales in place.

The Santa Holiday Parade at Eastdale Mall is a tell-tale sign that the holiday season is here.   And it's only the second weekend in November.

Despite that fact, many retailers say people are already shopping for the holiday season.

"We've seen a lot of customers out and about in the last couple of weeks.  And people are already getting a start on their holiday shopping and enjoying the season."

And retailers are all too happy to indulge them.  Target is among the stores already offering discounts ahead of Black Friday.

"Some of them are in here, the kids are in here creating their wish lists," said Andrew Petersen, Assistant Manager at the Target store in Montgomery.  "I've seen a couple of people in here writing stuff down, so they're creating their wish lists, getting a start early, asking for stuff from Santa."

While some people say it may be a bit too early for all of these holiday festivities, but they say it provides an opportunity to their holiday shopping done."It's good because the later in the year, the stuff's picked over," said Vonnie Lindsay, a shopper at Eastdale Mall.  "And the sales start now, so you might as well get it done and enjoy the season and not be in the crowd."

And retailers hope shoppers will be in the spending mood all the way until Christmas.  Stores are already preparing for Black Friday.  Target says it will be open at midnight that day. Other shoppers can take advantage of discounts on-line.  Many retailers are already offering "Black November" deals.

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