Folmar family remembers former mayor's dedication to city

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Former Mayor Emory Folmar's friends and family say it wasn't just his job as Mayor where they saw intense dedication. They say he simply loved the Capital City, and it showed.

That's why, despite their loss, remembering Emory Folmar's life puts smiles on their faces.

"I can't imagine him without it. I can't imagine this city without his touch on it," says his granddaughter, Emily Flowers.

Flowers remembers the times her grandfather wasn't in the office.

"We would go to the symphony, we would go to the dance theater, we'd go to a play at Shakespeare, a play at the museum," she says.

She admits there was never a moment he didn't have Montgomery on his mind.

"We were always doing something because they were so involved in what the city had going on and they loved watching this city thrive," adds Flowers.

"I dare say that Montgomery will never see a mayor of his caliber ever again," says Emory's son, Wilson Folmar.

He says his father was a tough man--always keeping an eye on what some may see as the little things. But to Folmar they mattered most.

"I can recall seeing him at 5:00 in the morning out with paving crews. Ya know, that's not very common. He'd ride garbage trucks, and check on things, ride with the police crews."

Folmar's footprints can be seen across the Capital City--from downtown to the east side and everywhere in between.

His son believes there's only one thing he would want.

"Keep moving forward...which is what we're doing."

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