Editorial: Take Action

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The alleged appalling acts by a former Penn State assistant football coach and founder of a group home for troubled boys has the country reeling.  The wicked truth is that these acts against children are taking place every day and are often veiled in silence.  All too often the victim's are ashamed or afraid to speak out.

This case also spotlights another unfortunate occurrence that can happen in these situations – witnesses to these crimes against children not doing enough.  It amplifies the need for those who are aware or suspect something negative is happening to a child to speak out, take action and continue to take action until it is investigated fully by law enforcement.  A child's health and safety is just too important a matter to stop at first notification.

We all need to open our eyes wide when it comes to children and misconduct by adults.  Learn the signs of sexual abuse. Report it when you think you see it and tell others to do the same.

We must encourage our leaders and elected officials to continue to strengthen reporting requirements and stiffen sanctions for noncompliance when vile acts against children are witnessed or suspected.  Our laws must continue to impose stiff consequences if someone fails a child - as one failure is one too many.

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