New neighborhood watch signs go up around Montgomery

Starting this week, new neighborhood watch signs are going up around Montgomery.  The city was able to purchase one hundred new signs with a grant.  These new signs have vibrant colors that are meant to stand out and grab your attention.

Some of the old ones are old and faded, and police say they can give crooks the wrong impression that the neighborhood watch group isn't active.

They say they will make a difference, but only is neighbors are committed to watching out for each other.

"Be that nosy neighbor that people really appreciate when it's needed," said Regina Meadows.

Meadows is over the "BONDS" program in the city; it stands for Building our Neighborhoods for Success and Development. The organization works to enhance the quality of life for communities, and crime prevention is one facet of the program.

"You may seemingly have no crime, or it hasn't affected you personally.  You still need to stay in contact with your neighbors; know who your neighbors are.  We like to see those signs and the neighborhood associations like to have those signs," Meadows added.

Police say the new signs send a clear message to crooks.

"If I'm a criminal, I look for the sign.  And if there is a sign nearby, and I see that it is rusty and faded, that means that nobody has replaced it.  The watch group might not be active.  So, it does grab you attention when you're driving by," said Sgt. George Brooks, the Community Policing Crime Prevention Supervisor.

Crews plan to install the signs in each neighborhood with a watch program. Police say, it gives citizens a hand in preventing crime.  It's a powerful tool that's as easy as a phone call.

Sgt. Brooks said, "We tell folks, it's whatever you put into your community, whatever you put into your neighborhood watch is how successful it will be.  We want you to be aware of your surroundings and report all suspicious activity.  Even if it's just minor, and you might now think it's something, it could turn out to be something big."

The city expects those signs to be up by the end of the year or the end of January at the latest.  They hope to replace all the signs in the city in the next 4 to 5 years.

For more information about creating neighborhood watch programs, you can call 334-625-2207,  or call the Police Department at 334-240-4800.