CR 12: Battle for Bama's Best Burger

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There was an old commercial from the 1980's where a fast food chain asked "Where's the Beef?" According to the Alabama Cattleman's Association, some of the best beef in the state can be found in Montgomery. Of the five finalists for best burger in Bama, two of them are from Montgomery.

One of them is the "Stockyard Grill" off the Mobile Highway. "It was my wife's dream," said Stockyard Grill owner Kevin Meredith. So four years ago he opened up his restaurant.  With mainly word of mouth advertising he fills the seats at lunchtime like it's an Alabama or Auburn game.   His motto is pretty simple. "If I won't sit down and eat it with you at the table, then you won't have a chance to eat it." He takes a lot of pride in their product.  "It's not no patty you can see through, it's a good sized hamburger patty. It's 100% fresh beef, we don't put no additives, we cook it like you would at home. We're not trying to re-invent the wheel with the hamburger we just keep it simple with fresh product."

Not too far away, near downtown Montgomery is place that's been the king of burgers for sometime.   The Hamburger King. "We've been in business since 1970, it opened under original owner in 1960," said current owner Gay Harrison. She and her husband ran the place until he died in the last year.

They also have a simple, yet effective philosophy. "My husband used to say if you don't like it tell us, if you do like it tell someone else."   The most frequent order here is the Deluxe.  "I do have people order doubles and triples, but those are big, it takes some big boys to finish those. We use fresh meat it's never frozen, it's an 80/20 special blend and we chop our veggies fresh every day."

The proof is in the crowd. Both places are packed at lunchtime, every day.  If you watch our story, you'll see how my big mouth tried to conquer both.  They are some big burgers.

Along with The Hamburger King and the Stockyard Grille in Montgomery, Callaghan's Irish Pub in Mobile, The Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia, and Mugshots in Tuscaloosa. We'll let you know when the Alabama Cattleman's Association picks a winner.

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