Wetumpka ready to 'Pump the Tump'

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - Business owners in Wetumpka will be gathering in the street this weekend, celebrating their city and its downtown.

It's the first meet and greet for the "Pump the Tump" group-- a social media driven campaign that showcases local businesses.

Teresa Roberson, the brains behind the group, said, "I never expected it to get this big this fast. And for it to help so many people."

It all started with a Facebook page, and a funny sounding name. Five months later, over 1,100 business owners and residents are using it to "pump" each other up and grow their client base.

Roberson manages a downtown business herself, and started it on a whim. She believes the group grew out of excitement over what was happening downtown.

"It's going along with the revitalization in downtown Wetumpka.  I mean, there are so many new businesses that have come into town," added Roberson.

Mayor Jerry Willis said, "It leads us into a plan that we have put together to redevelop downtown."

The same group who worked on Montgomery's downtown is also working with Wetumpka city leaders.

"We'll rework storefronts, some of them have already been done.  We have a lot of interest and merchants going ahead and leading the way in doing this.  We'll also redo the utilities, sidewalks, streets, and add loft living to downtown.  And, you know, when you do that you bring in a demand for little restaurants and curbside cafes and entertainment downtown," Mayor Willis said.

"I hope Pump the Tump continues to grow as Wetumpka continues to grow," said Roberson.

It's a social media campaign that is energizing a downtown rebirth.

Roberson said, "When I think about it, I just get tears in my eyes.  I mean, it is doing exactly what I had hoped it would do.  It is bringing so much excitement.  We are alive in downtown Wetumpka.  We're not dead.  And you can never underestimate the power of Facebook."

The Pump the Tump meet and greet is Saturday in downtown Wetumpka from 11:00 am - 2:00 PM.  It is free and open to the public. For more information, call 514-6888.

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