Hello from the newsroom!
People concerned about violence at Lee High School showed up tonight for a prayer walk around campus.  Reporter Melissa McKinney was there for the event and the story.
If you plan to attend a high school basketball game in Montgomery, it'll take you a little longer to get into your seat.  All spectators will have to walk through metal detectors.  Purses and pockets will be checked, too.  Reporter Samuel King will tell us more about the beefed up security in school gyms.
11 protestors arrested after a demonstration against the state's new immigration law are out of jail tonight...probably ready to go back to their home states after a couple of days behind bars.
Lots of teenaged girls (and some boys) will be up late tonight out at the Rave where the latest Twilight movie is premiering after midnight.  Makes for a short night's sleep before school tomorrow.  We're there for a preview.
And, expect some cold nighttime temperatures through the weekend.
Hope you'll join our team in the studio at 10!
See you then.
Bob H.