Spectators pass through metal detectors at MPS games

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Before the big crowd in the stands for Lanier's season opener against Brewbaker Tech, filled the bleachers, spectators had to take a few extra steps - through metal detectors.  Security guards checked purses and pockets.

This was the first game this year where the metal detectors were used and those in the crowd say they didn't mind at all.

"This will deter some of the violence that has been going on," said Patricia Rogers, a spectator.

"Actually I thought nothing of it," said Yolanda Dixon, a parent.  "It's a safety standard and I'm happy for it."

We did some checking to see if other school systems in the state used metal detectors at games.  Birmingham City Schools uses metal detectors at both basketball and football games.  A spokesman for Huntsville City Schools told WSFA 12 News the system does spot screening, but the security measures are not announced.  He said they are often used for big rivalry games or when they expect big crowds.

The use of metal detectors at Thursday night's game follows the announcement last week that all students and visitors at the city's four traditional high schools will have to pass through metal detectors.

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