Rumors of school violence prompt prayer

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - An emotional outcry for change--hands and hearts joined in prayer for Lee High School and the whole Montgomery Public School system.

Among them--Montgomery Public School Board President Charlotte Meadows, newly appointed Lee High School Principal Lorenza Pharrams, community members and past and present Lee students.

They believe their plea will put a stop to rumors and scattered incidents of violence on the campus.

Just last week hundreds of parents checked their children out because of it.

"If we just keep God at school, it'll make a difference," says Sophomore Raven Wallace.

She has no doubt the prayers will work, but admits the atmosphere at school isn't ideal.

"It hasn't been scary, but it's making other people scared to come to school."

She's thankful for alumni like Sheree Ware and Hope Harris.

They haven't set foot in the school for years, but knew the prayer walk was the right time.

"I have a child that will be coming here next year. And if I can get a head start on praying. I pray for my children at home and I pray for children all the time," says Harris.

The two walked the halls with others.  Some recited scripture while laying hands on walls and doors--doing whatever it takes to for the focus at Lee to be learning...not fear.

Principal Pharrams told those in attendance he needed their support and was ready to turn things around at Lee.

He suggests holding similar prayer meetings once a month.

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