Travel survival apps

Even the best-planned trips can get detoured by a weather delay or other mishap during the holidays. And just like your smartphone helped you plan your getaway, it can help you salvage it too. If a missed connection leaves you in a not-so-familiar place, the around me app for iPhone users has become a go-to for finding restaurants, hotels, ATMs and other necessities, with a simple touch. When a flight gets canceled, avoid the rush to the counter with everyone else and use the On The Fly app to research other options among multiple airlines and airports. Frozen out at the rental car counter? car-sharing is an option in some big cities, and the Zipcar app for iPhone and Android will point you towards the nearest cars, their make and model, and can lock and unlock your car too. When you're on the go, sometimes you gotta go, and the Sit or Squat app for iPhone and Blackberry boasts a database of over 100,000 restrooms, helps you find those closest -- some with reviews and photos. And one other travel tip. Load up your smartphone, tablet or laptop with plenty of entertainment, and invest a battery-operated charger. You never know when a minor delay will turn into a longer one.