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Elba BOE scraps Spicer job transfer deal

File Photo: Terry Spicer File Photo: Terry Spicer

The Elba school board is backtracking on a controversial move that transferred then superintendent Terry Spicer to a new position within the system just one day before the man was to plead guilty on bribery charges.

Spicer's job transfer was rescinded and his employment was terminated following a vote Monday afternoon. The decision becomes effective Tuesday, November 22.

Spicer, 47, admitted he took about $31,000 in cash payments, $9,000 for a boat, and a $10,000 Colorado ski trip from lobbyist Jarrod Massey, who has pleaded guilty in the gambling corruption investigation. 

Spicer also admitted soliciting and receiving $30,000 in campaign contributions and more than more than 300 BamaJam music festival tickets worth $22,500 from casino developer Ronnie Gilley, who has also pleaded guilty.

He's the fourth person to plead guilty in the corruption probe after reaching a deal with federal prosecutors. He has not been sentenced, but authorities say the maximum penalty is 10 years in prison. Part of his plea deal requires him to forfeit $40,000.

The Elba BOE voted a week ago to reassign Spicer, a former state representative, to Director of Operations within the system. Had they not made the decision, state law would have ultimately forced Spicer from his superintendent position anyway due to a felony conviction.

He was replaced on an interim basis by Elba Elementary School principal Lakesha Brackins.

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