Catholic Middle School Teacher a Class Act

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - She's been here for 22 years and loved every minute of it.  Debbie Mayer teaches at Montgomery Catholic Middle School.  She has also taught at their elementary school too.   "Some people say my classroom is like organized chaos," Mayer said.    It works for her and her students.

The person who nominated her for our Class Act award says Ms. Mayer brings hands on learning to the classroom and she'll do whatever it takes to help her kids learn.   "I think there are three keys to being an effective teacher.  One, you have to know the curriculum.  Number two, you need to keep up to date with technology.  And number three, this is the biggest, get to know the kids."

After spending more than two decades at the same school, we asked Ms. Mayer, what gets her excited about coming to work every morning.   "The kids faces, their smiles, when they want to tell you that they know something, and when they get it."

You can tell she gets it too.   Congratulations Ms. Debbie Mayer, a real Class Act.

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