ASU pep rally & parade

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The excitement is in the air at Alabama State University. It's Turkey Day Classic week and leading up to the game Thursday there are lots of events including a pep rally and parade Tuesday. But this year marks the end of one long-standing Turkey Day Classic tradition.

The sound of the Mighty Hornets Marching band fills the air at Alabama state university, charging the atmosphere for the turkey day classic game.

"A last revival for this year so I think people are excited about next year so they are trying to like enjoy this year for what it is," ASU student Shederick Matthews said.

That's because this will be the last classic game at Cramton bowl.

ASU's new football complex is on schedule to be completed in 2012, in time for next year's Turkey Day Classic.

"I'm actually excited about that because one thing about us, you always want to be play at your own home, have your own stadium," ASU student Jasmine Williams said.

Head football coach Reggie Barlow says the players are ready for the game and ready to play at home next year.

"For years we've been saying we want our own stadium here on campus and I talked about our morale and it's up, but you get your own stadium on campus and it goes up even higher," Barlow said.

City workers are getting Cramton bowl ready for the big game. As you can see the freshly painted team names on the field.

And there's more work to be done including cleaning the stadium and preparing for ESPN-U's coverage of the Turkey Day Classic.

"We will actually be washing down the concourse area, washing down the stands, getting the press box ready, preparing for this big game," City of Montgomery Facilities Manager Rob Hollingshead said.

A year away from starting a new classic era at the hornets new football complex.

The football game kicks off Thursday at 3p.m. It will be televised live on ESPN-U.

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