Most rain is gone - wind, too.

Hello from the anchor office -
Did you get a lot of rain at your house today?  It came down hard here on East Delano Avenue this afternoon and again early this evening.  For now the chance of bad weather is out of here...only to return on late Saturday night. More from Rich later at 10. 
The storms exited stage left - just in time for another of the celebrations of the Turkey Day Classic week - Alabama State's homecoming and annual clash with Tuskegee on Thursday afternoon.  Tonight a block party rocked downtown Montgomery. We'll sample the fun.
Shoppers won't even have to go to bed on Thursday night to get in on the great buys...most stores opening at midnight...some earlier at 10.  We'll find out if it's worth the lack of sleep.
And, we've got a special edition of Valorie's "Cash for Kindness" segments, where she visits with a family that lost almost everything in a fire a year ago.  Their comeback story is worth watching.
See you on the set at 10.
Bob H.