Democratic Accountability Proposals

1. Require No-Bid Contract Report Card by Agencies and Strengthen Power of Contract Review Committee

  • Require all state contracts that are not bid to be reported to the Secretary of State and require the Secretary of State to establish a process for collecting and retaining the reports.
  • Increase contract review committee time to review contracts from 45 days to 120 days

2. Revise the Executive Budget Act to Require Funds to be Spent as Appropriated

  • Prohibit inter-agency transfers.
  • Require that appropriations be expended only by the agency or department for the purpose for which they were appropriated.

3. Reduce the Number of Associate Justices on the Alabama Supreme Court

  • Shrinks the Alabama Supreme Court from eight Associate Justices to six to save state dollars.

4. Require the State Superintendent of Education Compensation to be No More than the National Average

  • Limit the State School Board's authority to set the State Superintendent of Education's salary at or below the national average of the State Superintendents of Education

5. Require Organizations Seeking to Influence the Outcome of an Election to Disclose Funding Sources

  • Paid political advertising made by or paid for by an organization or entity, other than a principal campaign committee, shall include names of the source of the funding of the organization or entity.
  • Require any person or entity making certain expenditures for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election to disclose the source of the funding of the expenditures.

Expand the Power of the ADECA Oversight Commission to Include Reviewing All Grants Paid out of Appropriated Funds

  • Grants shall not be awarded until they are reviewed by the Commission.
  • Commission shall have 45 Days to Review Grant Proposals
  • All Grants must be reviewed whether paid for with state or federal dollars

7. Consolidate Workforce Development Into Post Secondary Education

  • Consolidate workforce development strategies, plans, budgets and implementation
  • Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education to be primary lead agency

8. Prohibit PAC to PAC Transfers

  • Prohibit financial transfers between PACs.

Other Democratic Accountability Proposals

  • Eliminate the Office of State Auditor and Transfer Responsibilities into the Office of the Examiner of Public Accounts

Accountability Bills Proposed as a Part of Amendment One to be Re-Introduced

1. Revise Foundation Program

2. Revise Teacher Tenure Law

3. Fair Dismissal Act

4. Health Insurance Benefits for State Employees, Public Education Employees, and Respective Retirees

5. Prohibit Executive Pass Through Appropriations

6. Create the School Fiscal and Management Responsibility Act

7. Education Administration Accountability

Source: Alabama House of Representatives, Office of the Majority Leader