Lee High School parent's plea for unity

Raven Wallace and her mom, Tatanya, say Lee High needs help getting back on track.
Raven Wallace and her mom, Tatanya, say Lee High needs help getting back on track.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As students return from the Thanksgiving holiday, they and their parents are pushing for a united effort for change.

The high school has been making headlines over the last several weeks after alleged violence, disruptions and new metal detectors. A parent meeting is scheduled for Monday evening to address some of those issues.

Raven Wallace, 15, prepares to return to Lee High School after the Thanksgiving break, unafraid and with a new focus for change.

"You would have to be a student like me to know what's going on at Lee," Wallace said.

A sophomore cheerleader and Junior ROTC member, Raven says she was scared, like everyone else, a few weeks ago when students were throwing bricks, and especially the gun scare. She says this was an isolated incident but feels Lee High just needs some support.

"Parents coming out, staff helping out, everybody," Wallace explained of what is needed.

Her mother, Tatanya Wallace, says it starts at home with the parents.

"I don't think that it's full of bad kids. I just think they need guidance," Wallace said, adding that parents can't stay at home and expect things to change.

"I'm there. I drop her off every morning. I pick her up every afternoon. So I am that concerned parent," she explained.

Wallace says with all the student drama at Lee High she hopes this will be an opportunity for parents to step up and get on board with the new principal for a united effort for change.

"Let's talk about getting Lee on the right road. There are so many good things at Lee, and we always look at the bad things instead of looking at what the future can hold."

From a prayer vigil to an upcoming parent meeting, the goal is to turn things around and ensure a safe learning environment.

That parent meeting will take place Monday evening at 5:30 at Lee High.

Wallace says right now there is no parent teacher association, but in lieu of recent events, one is in the works. The first organizational meeting is scheduled for next month.

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