Five tips to help you winterize your car

Like it or not, winter is coming and your car needs to be ready.  Reporter Tracy Davidson talks to an auto expert and offers five winterizing tips to keep you safe this season.

We know winter driving is right around the corner.  Travis Trammel from Advance Auto Parts has the five things we should check to keep us safe.

First is the battery.  Extreme weather, hot or cold, takes away your batter life.  Check the date on your battery first; it's right on top and then do the math.

Auto expert Travis Trammel says, "Typically, as it gets closer to four and five years plus on the battery life, that's when you want to check it."

Next, check your wipers.  Make sure they're in one piece and not tearing away and keep them that way with de-icer.

"You want to make sure you have a can of de-icer in your vehicle.  Spray that on the windshield.  And first thing in the morning when the ice is on your windshield, don't turn on your wipers right away.  That pulls the rubber off the blade."

Now to tires.  Obviously, your treads matter to keep you safe on slippery roads.  But the correct pressure matters too.  It's easy to see what the proper pressure should be.

"You look right inside the door jam,"  Trammel explains.   "It tells your pressure on the front tires and your pressure on the rear tires as well.  Also, it lists your spare."

Number four on the list is something that most people will leave to their mechanic, but it is critical to check your antifreeze.

And the fifth tip is one most drivers forget-their headlights.  Replace headlight lamps if they start to dim and always replace them in pairs.