PACT settlement put on hold

The Alabama Supreme Court has put a hold on the settlement in litigation over Alabama's financially troubled Prepaid Affordable College Tuition plan.

A few parents had objected to the settlement reached in Montgomery County Circuit Court. The settlement called for the PACT plan to continue, but for tuition to be paid at the fall 2010 rates instead of current rates.

The Supreme Court issued a stay Nov. 18 at the request of one of the parents who objected. State Treasurer Young Boozer, who administers PACT, says the PACT board has asked the Supreme Court for guidance about what it should do while the settlement is on hold.

An attorney representing one group of parents who supported the settlement, Doyle Fuller, said the Supreme Court has agreed to expedite the case.

When asked for comment, Treasurer Boozer's office issued this statement:

"The PACT program is taking prompt action to comply with the stay. This is just another step on the path to a final decision. Given the nature of the case, it is not surprising that the Court is being cautious and conducting a thorough review. We remain confident that the settlement is in the best interests of all PACT program participants."

A regularly scheduled PACT Board meeting is set for Wednesday, Nov. 29, in Montgomery.

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