Millbrook's New Police & Court Complex

MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - A new era underway for the Millbrook Police Department. Construction of much needed police and court complex will get underway soon. Despite being one of the fastest growing cities in this area, The Millbrook Police and Court departments have worked out of an old, deteriorating building for years.

It's been two years in the making.

"It's time for it to serve another purpose. I don't know what that purpose will be right now," Millbrook Mayor Al Kelley said.

The current facility has been a multi-purpose building, at one point housing a church and even a medical facility. Mayor Kelley says the building is in poor condition.

"It's mold. It's mildew. Every time it rains we have to have a company come and suck the water out and fumigate it," Kelley said.

Police chief PK Johnson says police and court business overlap in a cramped space but says there will be plenty of space in the new facility.

"We've just got people in the same place at the same time that just simply don't need to be there. That will not be the case. This building will be designed from day one as a police department and function like one," Johnson said.

The complex with house all police operations, dispatch and the municipal court. It will have a larger court room and holding cell.

"I got to do a lot on the layout of this building as a matter of fact," Police Captain Don Strickland said.

Captain Strickland has served on the police force for more than 20 years. This groundbreaking ceremony was bittersweet for him because he's retiring.

"I couldn't have asked for anything more. See I didn't know this was going to take place today [Tuesday] so it was a little bit more icing," Strickland said.

The mayor says this 24,000 square foot facility will cost about $3 million dollars. Bids will take place in about three weeks and construction will start soon after. The mayor says it should be completed by October of next year.

The new complex will be built across the street the current police department at the youth practice field. That field will be moved to another location in Millbrook.

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