Herman Cain's chances for being a viable candidate...

What are Herman Cain's chances to continue as a viable presidential candidate?  We'll listen to a local pollster's take on Cain's odds of staying in the race after the latest allegation of a long standing affair with an Atlanta woman.
Atlanta police shot and killed a woman who threw her son out a window and fatally stabbed her daughter.  Investigators think she "snapped" after losing her job and having her water turned off by the city.  We'll talk with a local counselor about how to "head off" that kind of bizarre behavior in times of high stress.
And, meet the youngest recipient of our "Cash for Kindness" award.  She has a remarkable story to tell.
Plus is Kirby Smart about to leave Alabama and take the head coaching job at Ole Miss?  The latest speculation from Derek Steyer in sports.
Oh yes - there's that really cold overnight forecast to talk about, too.
Hope you'll be with us at 10.
See you on the set.
Bob H.