Violin teacher faces child sex charges in Auburn

Source: Auburn Police Dept.
Source: Auburn Police Dept.

The Auburn Police Department has arrested a Columbus man on child sex abuse charges.

Mario Urbina, a violin teacher, was arrested in Columbus last week on a warrant for Sexual Abuse of a Child less than 12 years old.  He was extradited to the Lee County Jail where a $50,000 bond was set.  He has since bonded out of jail.

It's believed the incident happened in Auburn, where Urbina provided private violin lessons to students in that area.  News Leader 9 do not know if the victim was one of Urbina's students.

The charges prompt some parents to think about the safety of their children when trusting them to the care of other adults like music teachers.

"You don't let them out of your sight.  You don't know that person.  He might be credible to give those lessons, but that is your baby.  That is somebody to fight for.  You don't leave them alone with anybody," said Victoria Paradise.

"Maybe sometime when I could go, I would go to try to get a feel of how this person, he or she, might be," said Richard Florence.

Many say it is also important the teacher create guidelines to protect their students and show their reliability.

"Offer up references.  Offer for the parents to be involved, and let them sit through lessons.  Have it in places where if you're married, your family's there while you're giving your lessons.  Never do it in private," said Linda Whitehead.

Urbina is also a member of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.  Police say he is no longer teaching music lessons in Auburn.

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