Jonesing for gingerbread

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Students in the advanced baking class at Trenholm State College had a very festive final project.

Build a gingerbread house and be as creative as you want.

Once those creative juices started flowing, the results were amazing.

Creations on display inside Harper's restaurant range from your traditional one bedroom model home to more elaborate concoctions of candy.

Student chef Sandra Rushing built a cat-themed three building neighborhood.

"It took me about three months to do", Rushing said.

And even though the replicas of a castle and even Wrigley Field may look impossible to recreate, you can actually build on e yourself. And it all begins with…you guessed it…gingerbread.

Chef Rushing says your gingerbread should consist of flour, eggs and honey, not molasses. It acts as a better hardener.

But the real secret to success may be in the icing.

Royal icing has extreme benefits in southern climates. Alabama tends to be a very humid environment, and royal icing helps combat that problem.

"It makes it more humidity-proof", instructor Rob Cawley said.

Aside from that, your shopping list can include any kind of candy you want.

While you can go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars, you can also build on a budget.

"My candy ranged between a dollar…ninety-nine cents out of Walmart", student chef Javier Taylor said.

Whichever you choose, all the chefs recommend the same thing.

Plan it out, take your time and have patience. You can always eat it if it crumbles.

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