Local injured military veteran hopes to win Home Depot contest

GRADY, AL (WSFA) - A local injured military veteran needs your help to make his life a little easier.

He and his family are one of nine military families chosen by The Home Depot to compete for a $20,000 dollar grant for home renovations.

Tammy and Rodney Massey's life is much different these days.

Rodney was serving with the National Guard in Kuwait five years ago when a large piece of steel fell on him--injuring his back, neck, shoulders, and legs.

Today he walks with a cane.

"There are some days where I just can't hardly bend over," says Rodney.

The injuries keep him from working and even getting around the house.

"On days that he can't stand, with the neck injuries it's hard for him to raise his hands above his head, it's just really hard for him to maneuver in this small shower," says Tammy.

Even the carpet in the Massey's home can be a problem. It's frayed, and they say creates a hazard for Rodney when he's walking around with his cane.

"Things got put on hold for three years that needed doing around here," says Tammy.

The idea of $20,000 dollars to pay for handicapped accessible improvements.

"It would take a while to sink in," says Rodney.

That's why the couple is thrilled a local blogger submitted their names for The Home Depot contest.

But now, they need your help to make it happen. And all it takes is a visit to Home Depot's Facebook page.

After you like it the page, you can scroll down and vote for the Massey's.

"We've always been out helping, so it's almost...it's very humbling to think that you're in the running for some help," says Tammy.

The Massey's say they never win anything, but believe this could be their chance--hoping a little click goes a long way.

The Home Depot already awarded the Massey's with $500 dollars worth of Christmas decorations and gift cards for making it to the final round of the contest.

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