Prattville Teacher is a Class Act

Teaching is Dan Freeman's second profession. For two decades he served in the Air Force and now uses his military background to help students at Daniel Pratt Elementary School. Principal Greg Faulkner says of Freeman, "he has experiences, academic as well as traveling. The different things he can bring to the table when he's talking about things. Many of the places, he's been there. He's seen the things he's demonstrating in the classroom."

Freeman spent about eight years in the Air Force as an instructor. Now he's teaching students math, social studies and science. He feels his time in the classroom is rewarding. "It's just the opportunity to see a child advance from not understanding something and wanting to know. And when they get it, there's no greater pleasure in the world than to see that expression on their face," says Freeman

For the past two years freeman has sponsored Daniel Pratt's beta club. It's for academic high-achievers and has more than 200 student members.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell