CPR and disco music could save life

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Nurse Michelle Sension makes CPR look easy, and it is, she says. All you had to do is just remember the famous disco song "Stayin Alive".

"You know at the time of an emergency you're going to be really nervous and all the adrenaline is running through your body, but if you just sing the "Stayin Alive" song by the Bee Gees and try to time your compressions with it, you'll save a life," Sension explains.

Linda Gonzalez put the little CPR knowledge she had to the test back in May. Her husband, Frank, got overheated while mowing the lawn. She could tell something was wrong.

"She wouldn't let me take a nap in the bedroom," Mr. Gonzales said. "She made me take a nap on the couch where she could keep an eye on me."

"The next thing I know he was snoring, like a freight train is the best way I can describe it, and unresponsive," she said. His heart had stopped beating.

Linda quickly called 911 and started the chest compressions. It was a simple step that saved Frank's life.

"I'm almost speechless sometimes on how much I love her and am appreciative of her."

In addition to CPR training, the Red Cross recommends all businesses and organizations get an automated external defibrillator. You can learn more about how to get one and cpr training at www.redcross.org.

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