Eggies - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Often, the worst part of a hardboiled egg is peeling that pesky shell off the cooked egg.  A new product called Eggies promises to cook your egg to perfection, without ever having to peel the shell.  The box boasts three simple instructions: crack, boil, and twist.

The Eggies is a six pack of plastic capsules, each made up of four pieces: base, top, collar, & lid.  The box doesn't advertise a fourth step to the 'crack, boil, and twist' method, but the instructions do.  The assembled Eggies must have a coat of oil or cooking spray on the inside before you can get started, each and every time.

So, after a soap and water bath, I dry and assemble the Eggies.  I next coat them generously with some canola oil.  With the lids removed and the tops secured to the base via the collar, I crack and pour my egg, yoke and all, into the capsule and re-secure the lid.

I place four filled and sealed Eggies to a pot of warm water, ensuring they float.  Now, I turn up the heat to a boil.  Once boiling, the instructions say to set the timer to 15-17 minutes to cook large eggs.  While boiling I notice a little egg white and oil seepage in the water, but nothing of great concern.  After 16 minutes pass, I remove the Eggies to cool for about 10 minutes.

In a smaller pot, I soft boil two eggs using the Eggies for about 3 minutes as instructed.  Removal of the hardboiled eggs proves relatively easy, as they slide out after the top is removed.  They are oddly shaped on the outside, but a slice shows a perfectly hardboiled egg on the inside.  The soft boiled egg looks as expected, soft cooked whites and a warm, liquidly yoke.

The eggs look great, but a taste test is the only way to give it a full passing grade.  With the soft boiled egg, as far as the yoke, it tastes great and the consistency is perfect.  A half of the hardboiled egg is just as good, with a smooth, soft, and pasty yoke and a hard & gel like white.  As far as I'm concerned, you'd never be able to tell whether it was cooked in the Eggies or in the shell based on taste.

Before we sign off on this one, I want to make a note from the Eggies test done by our sister station KLTV in Tyler, TX.  After boiling for several minutes, they had two Eggies explode under pressure.  So be sure to seal them tightly and keep back when cooking in case of failure.

Eggies are dishwasher safe, but cleaning by hand might be best to handle any parts of the eggs that have stuck to the walls or the crevasses.  It looks like the Eggies are ‘yokie-dokie' and earn a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The 6-pack Eggies set cost us about $10 at a local retailer.

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