Shed Pal - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We love our pets.  They bring us unconditional love and joy on a daily basis.  They also can leave plenty of hair around the house and on your clothes.  There's a new pet hair vacuum on the market and it's called the Shed Pal.  Before you throw away the grooming brush, you'll want to see if it works.

We take the Shed Pal to the Montgomery Humane Society, a temporary home for pets in need of one thing: a permanent family.  We have a few furry friends help us test the Shed Pal pet vacuum.  The device is simple; it's a rubbery grooming head which guides the pet's hair into a chamber using a battery powered fan.

The ad on the website claims that it's, "The hand held, pet preferred, vacuum powered, grooming system."

Pet preferred?  Most pets don't seem to prefer the sound of a motor, but we give it a shot anyway.  Josh Rapp, a kennel technician with the humane society agrees to help us groom two dogs and two cats with the Shed Pal.

Leona, is our first pup to get a Shed Pal grooming.

"I'm going to turn it on and see how she feels about it before I put it on her," explains Josh.  "She seems to be okay with it."

But in seconds, Leona makes her escape.  We try again and she's clearly not comfortable with the noise the Shed Pal makes.  After trying for several seconds, we only get a small amount of hair in the basin from Leona.  Plus, we notice it pulled off some attached hair, which wraps up behind the fan.  That's not good and would be very uncomfortable for the dog.

Our pup Aerial loves the brush, but she's spooked by the Shed pal sound at first.  She lets us use it on her, but she's very cautious of the humming hand-held.  Still, not much hair is in the basin.

Now it's time for our feline friends.

Again, the Shed Pal commercial boasts: "Even the most finicky cat will sit and enjoy being groomed with the shed pal."

We're not so sure about that.  Suki, a twelve year old cat, enjoys a nice grooming with a brush.  Once we turned the Shed Pal on, the noise spooked her and she bolts.  With Daphne, she also purrs when groomed with a brush.  Once the Shed Pal turns on and hums, she's gone too!

Josh says, "The cats seemed to be spooked by the Shed Pal before I even touched them with it.  So I think it was the sound that scared the cat."

The results are disappointing too.  The brush produces a pile of shedding hair, while the Shed Pal gives us a dozen or two strands; a remarkable difference.

"I think the brush definitely trumped the Shed Pal with the amount of hair it pulled out.  I'd definitely pick up the brush, just because it seemed to keep the animal more calm," says Josh.

Although your results may vary with your pets, our tests show the Shed Pal pet vacuum sucks up a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Shed Pal two pack sells online for about $20, plus shipping.  Each unit requires three AA batteries, not included.

If you'd like to adopt a pet from the Montgomery Humane Society, you can drop by seven days a week from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. or you can call them at 334-409-0622,

To view adoptable animals at MHS, click here.

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