Lingering limbs frustrate residents

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "This is our pile that's been sitting here since before Thanksgiving," says Montgomery resident Caroline Breshears.

Her driveway looks similar to others in the Cloverdale area piled high with leaves and limbs.

"It's building up. The leaves are blowing everywhere. People's boxes are blowing everywhere."

She says her pile hasn't been picked up for nearly three weeks. And she's not alone. Other residents say their piles are just as old. Breshears doesn't understand why.

"I'm very surprised because I've seen numerous trash trucks, not garbage trucks, but the trash trucks come by many times and they haven't bothered to stop," she says.

"It was just a real busy couple of weeks and we did experience some slowness in some of the neighborhoods," says Chris Conway, Montgomery Public Works Director.

Conway says crews are still cleaning up debris from the storm that blew through Cloverdale in November.

That, coupled with Thanksgiving week and a furlough day for the sanitation department caused the back-up.

"All hands are on deck and they've been working extra this week to make sure we get it all picked up," says Conway.

Many residents have already called the city asking when crews will be by to clean up their debris, but officials are also asking them just to give them a little bit more time.

"Just bear with us and we'll get out there," says Conway.

"I understand the city's backed up but I think something needs to be done," adds Breshears.

She believes the longer the debris sits there, the bigger the safety hazard if the wind blows it down the street.

"With all the rain we've had, the gutters get backed up, the storm drains get backed up and it causes flooding."

City officials are urging residents to put loose leaves in a bag or garbage can so they don't blow away and get caught in storm drains.

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