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Holiday Helper: Shopping on a budget

In this tough economy, though, how do you fulfill Christmas wish lists while on a budget.

Susan Blevins is the owner of The Toy Place in Huntsville. She said the whole idea behind the store is an affordable neighborhood store where children can come to buy a great toy.

"I wanted a variety of toys, something for everyone and every budget. Whether a customer spends five dollars or 50 dollars, I want them to get their money's worth," said Blevins.

Most items in the store, believe it or not, are priced under 50 dollars.

For $30 you could buy an old school Lincoln Logs set or for $25 you could get a Rockem Sockem Robot and a Toss-A-Cross.

If your kids love straws and love to build, fun straws won't draw much on your Christmas budget. Those along with magnet mosaics will fit perfectly in stockings and your budget at about $10 each.

For more affordable gift ideas, check out these websites:

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