The best way to pack Christmas gifts for shipping

Today is supposed to be a big day for the country's shipping industry.  In fact, FedEx expects it be the busiest day ever, provided people have properly packaged the items they want to ship.

FedEX expects to move 17 million packages today, a record that is a 12 percent increase over last year and more than double its daily average.  If blockbuster sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are any indication, it will be a record season for UPS as well.

Both shippers are looking to stay busy after today too, which means a few shipping tips might be in order.

The engineers at the UPS testing facility in Addison Illinois stay busy devising the best ways to package something for shipping and it helps to know that they don't like packing peanuts either.

Andrew Gruber, UPS packaging engineer says, "bubble wrap's OK, they say, but shipping something even slightly heavy can cause the protective bubbles to burst."

The shippers recommend shredded cardboard or craft paper that protects better and decomposes faster.

Gruber suggests that you start with a new box.  "If you're re-using packaging, the chances are the outer container has already broken down and lost some of its strength."

Another tip is to center whatever you're shipping and surround it with packing material, even if it's the Styrofoam peanuts.

And keep in mind that shipping wine can be tricky.

"There are state restrictions with things like wine, so you're not going to be able to go to a UPS Store and send your wine wherever you want to send it," Gruber warns.

It's best, they say, to let the winery ship it.