Tuberville Talks Recruiting

"This was a great day for us, and a very suspenseful day for the few
players left to sign.  However, that is what makes recruiting
interesting, especially on the last day.
"It was a good year for us.  There were a lot of things we had to
fight through the last months.   We had to answer a lot more questions
than you would like to answer in a recruiting situation.  I believe our
coaches did a great job with their backs against the wall.
"We filled most of our needs, however some positions are lacking
depth.  Like I have said before, your recruiting class depends on your
lineman that you sign.  We signed 10 linemen, five on offense and five
on defense, and I feel like they are going to be good football players.
"Most of the players we signed will be academically eligible, however
two will have to go to Junior College and we knew that up front. A
majority will be able to get into school and remain in school to get
their degrees over a four or five year period.  The eligibility
requirements have changed over the years and that changes the way you
recruit and evaluate players.  This would be the first year we really
had to go through that. Our coaches did a good job of evaluating players
over the last four years.
"It all comes down to the last couple of days of who you get and who
you do not get but this was a strong class. The 10 linemen made this
class strong and several will play next year.  Their work ethic will
determine how much they will participate, however all will have a great
chance to become good football payers.
"We signed two quarterbacks, three defensive backs, three linebackers
and three running backs.  Some areas I thought that we would have liked
to have one more in was tight end and wide receiver, but with all the
young guys we have on the team, it was tough. 
"Overall this was a good class. I'm proud of the coaches and what
they have fought through over the last couple of months. This is a
successful class and we can win a lot of games with them.
"We will not know a lot about this class until three or four years
down the road. There are some players that we did sign that will have an
opportunity to help the team next year win some games.  We have a couple
of pieces of the puzzle, specifically offensive linemen and defensive
backs, that we need to help us win next year and get to the next level,
which is where we have been trying to get to in the past couple of