Neighbors help police nab robbers

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Residents in one Montgomery neighborhood say they've had it with crime! Neighbors in Capital Heights are becoming the eyes and ears for their community. In fact, they recently helped police catch a pair of burglars in the act.

Bob Pippin lives in a duplex on Panama Street. Last week, robbers broke down this door and stole his flat screen TV, two pistols with ammunition and a B-B gun.

"It was just very unusual. My stuff never left the house," Pippin said.

Pippin says they didn't make it off his property, due to the swift action of an unidentified neighbor who called 911. He says about ten cop cars and a helicopter arrived on the scene immediately catching the two suspects red handed.

"They heard the crash and called the police and the police was in the neighborhood or coming through the neighborhood and caught them in the act; caught them coming out the door," Pippin said.

Neighbors who don't even know each other are looking out for one another.

"One of my guns was actually dumped in my neighbor's behind me trash can and she happen to see them and let the police know they were there," Pippin said.

They fled the scene, but didn't get too far.

"They caught them actually three or four doors down the street," Pippin.

Police say the suspects were apprehended on Yancey Street.

Pippin says if it were not for neighbors being the ears and eyes for the community, his items may have never been recovered.

"I am so appreciative of whoever called because that saved me a lot of grief," Pippin said.

Members of the Capital Heights neighborhood Watch Association say open communication with one another and the police made the difference.

"It worked, it worked. And we have a victory instead of feeling like we were just victimized," Capital Heights Neighborhood Watch Association Coordinator Cindy Keeping said.

They want to send a clear message to would be thieves: stay away from their homes.

"It's one purpose and that's to keep our neighborhood safe and to make people aware and unify them," Keeping said.

The person who called 911 identified themselves only as a neighbor. So the police don't know the identity of the person and neither does Mr. Pippin, but he wishes he could personally thank this person.

Mr. Pippin said it was brought to his attention that his blinds were up and you could see inside his apartment. Now he keeps the blinds down and it's safety tips like those that can keep potential thieves away.

Police charged 19-year-old Javaris Cole and 21-year-old Marvin Holloway with burglary and theft of property. Both posted a $15,000 dollars bond.

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