Locals react to NTSB cell phone ban recommendation

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're like many people you probably use your cell phone in the car. Whether it's talking or texting while driving...it could become a crime.

The National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB recommends banning all cell phone use in vehicles--even if you're using a hands free device.

And it isn't sitting well with some locals.

Tom Frazer always has his cell phone on him. He uses it for work calls--sometimes in the car.

"It's our lifeline because we're never in the office to use the phone," he says.

When he heard the NTSB recommended making most cell phone use illegal while driving?

"It's government going a little bit too far trying to regulate our life," says Frazer.

But the NTSB sees it differently. To them, the recommendation could save lives.

"If we don't act now, how many lives will we lose in the next 30 years?" says one board member.

The board suggests banning all cell phone use except for emergency calls.

The recommendation comes on the heels of countless crash reports board members say cite cell phones as the cause--including one in Missouri last year.  Officials believe a 19-year old's texting and driving led to a fatal accident.

"It's important that they don't drive and text. That's dangerous," says Bishop Bryant.

Apostle and Bishop Bryant are ok with banning texting and driving, but they don't agree with the board when it comes to prohibiting hands free devices.

"They got their mind on driving and it's not taking away from the driving part of it so I don't see a problem with it," says Apostle.

"It sure would be more safe if people would use Bluetooth type instruments and not look down to dial," adds Frazer.

Cell phones or not, the Bryant's believe practicing safety behind the wheel is each driver's job.

"As we grow older we learn that some things are our own responsibility, and that's one of them."

The NTSB did not recommend banning the use of GPS navigation and other software that aids driver safety.

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