Autauga County Couple puzzled over 2nd horse death

AUTAUGA CO., AL (WSFA) - An Autauga County couple is upset over the death of a second miniature horse. The couple says a pack of dogs brutally attacked one horse two years ago and Tuesday dogs caused the death of another horse.

"The horses were running wild. We heard them down in there barking," Autauga County resident Pat Wilson said.

Death strikes again at the Wilson's residence in Autauga county.

Pat Wilson says she and her husband couldn't save their miniature horse "Moon" from being chased by dogs.

"She ran into that fence and it broke her neck instantly," Wilson said.

Wilson says their ten acre property, where the horses roam freely, was also the site of another horse death in 2009.

"Three pit bulls were on her, chewing her up," Wilson said.

Wilson says her husband shot and killed those dogs. Then he built a trap for loose dogs that made their way onto the property. But says it doesn't do any good, because the county leash law is not being enforced. They say dogs are still running loose and when picked up by animal control, they're being returned to their owners.

"I don't understand that. Why are we paying animal control?" Wilson questioned.

A danger she feels not only to the other horses, but to her grandchild.

"It could have easily been him. And I'm having a hard time trying to explain to my 5-year-old grandson why his horses keep getting killed by dogs," Wilson said.

After the death of the first miniature horse in 2009, a Rural Leash Law was passed setting rules and regulations for animal control. The sheriff's department did not want to comment on this case. However, District Four County Commissioner Jay Thompson said that if the person filing the complaint does not know the dog owner, the dog should be taken into custody and impounded in an animal shelter.

"I have no idea where these dogs belong," Wilson said.

Wilson hopes to get answers before another horse's life is lost.

While not being specific, the sheriff's office tells WSFA 12 news the incident is still under investigation.

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