From time to time we report stories that really strike a chord with viewers.  We had one yesterday - the story of a police dog being shot by a robbery suspect.  Tune in tonight at 10 and we'll tell you the dog's condition - the condition of the man police say shot the dog, Bodi, the suspect's name and the list of charges he faces.
Thanks to our Raycom News Network, we'll have video of a fatal house fire in East Alabama.
And, reporter Sam King talks with several members of the Montgomery Fire Department just back from visiting their wounded comrade at UAB Hospital recovering after being shot in a hunting accident.
Plus, a WSFA 12 News investigation. We discover a single address being used by lots of registered sex offenders.  And, come to find out, it's not illegal for them to do it....at least until the next session of the state legislature.
Then we'll round out the newscast with samples of a couple of Christmas concerts in town.
Hope you'll join us!  I'll be looking for you at 10!
Take care,
Bob H.