County Road 12 - Cornbread

Most of us have all had pets growing up, whether it was a dog, a cat, a turtle. At the end of last summer, Sammy Carter and his daughter Katie were given the opportunity to add another pet to their household. Debbie Williams, caught up with them somewhere out along County Road 12.

"Cornbread!" When Katie Carter yells Cornbread, it's not because she's hungry and it's not the name of her dog. It's the name of her deer. "He came from a cornpatch because we found him in a corn field we called him Cornbread." Last August, a friend called up her dad, Sammy and ask him a question. "He ask if we wanted a baby deer to raise?" Sammy Carter explains, "that he was shelling corn and he almost ran over the deer." A couple hours later, he was bringing home the little fella. "As little as he was probably three to four days old at the most." It didn't take long for everybody to fall in love with Cornbread. Including Sis, the family bulldog. "He's got his deer characteristics but for the most part he and that dern bulldog, they're buddy, buddy." Just about whereever Sis goes, Cornbreads sure to follow. "He's curious just like a dog would be, he's going to smell you." Unlike her canine counterpart, Cornbread wears a collar and it's not becasue of the whole dog thing. "So he won't get killed." Katie whispers. "So that other people will know that he's been raised and he's a friendly deer to people that way they'll know he's not a true wild deer and if they respect that collar they just won't shoot him because he's walking up." her Dad adds. Having a deer for a pet is an adventure in itself and one Katie and her dad will be able to talk about long after Cornbread returns to the wild. No doubt he'll have a couple of stories to tell too.  In Pike County, Debbie Williams and photojournalist Darren Gilley, somewhere out along County Road 12.