Secret Santas making Christmas wishes come true

PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - It's the spirit of giving this holiday season and many of you are taking the Secret Santa to a new level. It's happening at K-mart and Wal-mart stores across the country and right here in Alabama, people are paying off layaways anonymously.

In Haleyville, someone dropped off a check for almost $11,000 helping 70 families put gifts under the tree. And the same giving spirit has hit the River Region.

"This has been a very hard year for me and my husband and my family," Prattville resident Connie Brown said.

After not being able to pay off two K-mart layaways this holiday season, Brown had given up on getting the only gift her stepson wanted for Christmas.

"The only thing he wanted was his game and it's pretty expensive. By the grace of God I got a call from K-mart saying that my layaway had been paid off. I actually thought I was dreaming," Brown said.

She's taking care of this household after her husband lost his job and she was focused on buying the bare necessities for Christmas.

"Not big things, but little things like a pack of socks, underwear," Brown said.

But a Secret Santa made her stepson's Christmas wish come true.

"It was like they were angels in disguise to me. I wouldn't have been able to do it without their help," Brown said.

In the last two weeks, 25 K-mart Christmas layaways have been anonymously paid off by local people and a church organization in the River Region. Managers are calling them layaway angels.

Store manager Victor Tate says these are delinquent layaways that include toys and clothing. The secret donor actually picks which layaway they want to pay off.

"For people to come out and do this has been very touching to me."

Helping people like Connie, to put that X-Box game and other presents under the Christmas tree.

Secret donors try to get the balance as close to zero as possible. The store manager says it's K-mart's policy that customers must make the final payment on layaways.

The manager says there are still about 50 delinquent layaways remaining. If you would like to donate, visit the service desk at the K-mart in Prattville on East Main Street.

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