Tips on Cutting Hospital Bills - Part A

Dr. Ulene's Tips On Cutting Hospital Bills

  • Read your insurance policy carefully, including the fine print, before hospital services are rendered.
  • Unless absolutely impossible, use a hospital and doctors within your insurance network.
  • If you must go outside your insurance network, negotiate a price with the hospital before you receive services.
  • If the hospital is unwilling to discount the price for you, ask your doctor for help.
  • If you are challenging a bill for services already received, ask your doctor and your insurance company to contact the hospital about your bill.
  • If all else fails, contact your local or state authorities. A good place to start is the Consumer Affairs Office of your state’s Attorney General.
  • Always check hospital bills carefully, comparing the “explanation of benefits” from your insurer to your hospital bill.
  • Review your hospital bill for errors and challenge them when found.

RESOURCES Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
This group accredits hospital throughout the US . They also investigate patient complaints having to do with hospital services.
Good information on understanding hospital bills. Once on the site, search "decoding hospital bills".