Locksmith Dangers; Body Found


December 29, 2011

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Did you know when you call a locksmith... they could let you in your house or vehicle... but then they could make matters even worse? Licensed locksmiths say phonies are popping up more and more...and they could end up stealing what's yours. Some words of precaution coming up this morning on Today in Alabama.
Also this morning, human remains found in Walker County could be those of man who has been missing for some time. We'll have the latest on that investigation on Today in Alabama.
And there's help for people going through hard times who are afraid of losing their house. We'll tell you about a group that has already helped almost a thousand people stay in their homes while they work to get back on their feet financially.
Those stories, plus your latest sports and weather, this morning from 5-7 on WSFA 12 News!
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Tonya Terry