Drunk driving could net a murder charge

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's not just speeders Alabama State Troopers are after this New Year's weekend.  They're looking for more.

"Cars weaving, driving well below the posted speed limit, not using turn signals," says Sergeant Steve Jarrett.

All of them are indicators of drunk driving and something Jarrett doesn't want to see out on the roads.

"If you're driving under the influence, you're just one crash away from being a convicted murderer," adds Jarrett.

He says if a drunk driver kills an innocent motorist he or she could face a murder charge, and lengthy jail time.

"I've seen some prison sentences 35 years, 47 years," he says.

"I think the charge is appropriate. That would be the best place for them to be if they injured one of my family members," says Montgomery resident, Tommy Jacques.

"I think it's very bad because it's going to be bad for them going to jail and it's also bad because they have killed some innocent person," adds Montgomery resident, Juanita Terry.

And it can happen in the blink of an eye.

"You can go from being a fine upstanding citizen to being in prison for murder," says Jarrett.

Fortunately, Troopers believe drunk driving has become more socially unacceptable.

Regardless, their message is clear--drive sober or don't drive at all.

"If they have had something to drink to call a friend if they need help going home instead of getting behind the wheel," adds Terry.

State Troopers investigated fewer traffic fatalities this Christmas than the year before. They hope to continue the downward trend over new years weekend.

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