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Dog nearly decapitated leaves legacy

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The case of a dog nearly decapitated by her owner touched people world-wide. The man who rescued her and his wife have made it their mission to help as many abused, neglected and tortured animals as they can.

Shane Smith found the dog he named Hope at an animal shelter. Hope had wire sticking out of her neck and Smith found half of her neck was severed. Monroe County deputies then found Hope's original owner had tied her to a tree with electrical cord and left her to die.

Hope underwent surgery and was showing promise of making a recovery. She died in July.

Shane and his wife, Janet, then rescued a dog they named Faith. Faith's teeth had been filed down and she could barely walk. Her original owners had used her as a bait dog for dog fighting.

The Smiths started "Paws for Hope and Faith." As one of their first projects they asked animal shelters to pardon their animals or stop euthanizing the animals for a weekend to encourage adoptions. The Macon animal shelter was the first and only to sign on.

"It was a new adventure and it was extremely successful," said Van VanDeWalker, Interim Director Macon Animal Control.

The pardon was so successful it lasted almost two months and ended last week when the shelter went over capacity.

The Smiths are working on getting official non-profit status for their organization.

Deputies said Monterion Davis, 19, was Hope's original owner who tied her to the tree. A grand jury returned an indictment of felony animal cruelty against him. His arraignment is Wednesday January 4th and he will enter a plea to the charge.

On January 4th, Davis enter a "not guilty" plea to the charge. He is expected to go on trial in the spring.

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