Words to leave behind with 2011

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Is there a word or phrase that you would love to see left behind when 2011 hits the history books? Is it one that was fresh, new, even exciting to use when you first heard it, but now makes your ears hurt because it's become cliché?

WSFA 12 News asked our Facebook fans to submit examples of words that hit their ears like nails on a chalkboard (oops, is that cliché?), and the suggestions poured in.

Here are some of those viewer-submitted words:

"EPIC" - A word once used to describe something clearly astounding, even in failure. Faceplant after skateboarding down a staircase? "EPIC" or "EPIC FAIL". Now, it's used to describe something as vanilla as a cup of plain coffee. Dropping the word would indeed be...well, epic.

"OCCUPY"- It started with a sit-in on Wall Street where a group of people, protesting what they perceived as injustices by Corporate America and the government, LITERALLY occupied a section of land. Then, everyone else picked up on the idea and suddenly we were all "occupying" coffee shops or  movie theaters or any other place you can go to in a group.

"WINNING" - As actor Charlie Sheen's career path took a decidedly downward trajectory, his bizarre interviews and personal antics gave birth to this piece of 2011 gold. He described himself as "Winning". It took two seconds for the word to be picked up and sent through the verbal meat-grinder. Now, anyone using "Winning" may risk looking like a loser.

"DEBRIS BALL" - A term rarely heard before by the masses, though apparently familiar to most all in meteorological circles. April 27th helped change that. 2011 was a year of big tornadoes. A debris ball is literally a mass of debris picked up by a massive tornado and thrown into the air. The reflection off the debris is then picked up by radar. The word wasn't overused as much as folks just don't care to see anymore tornadoes that could bring out the use of the rarely heard word.

"KARDASHIAN" - A wealthy family that found time in the media's spotlight on a near daily basis. Pick a reason. The Kardashian name became 2011's "Brangelina" or "TomKat", and they didn't even have to combine any names, at least not for more than a couple months.

"BIEBER FEVER" - 1.) If you've never heard this term, well, you don't have the fever. What else can we say? 2.) If you have heard this term and your ready for it to be retired, you're obviously not a fan of a well-rounded, young Canadian music sensation. 3.) If "Bieber Fever" gives you enough courage to claim you're pregnant with said Canadian music sensation's baby, oh man...never mind. We're moving on.

"BOO" - A word heavily used to show disappointment, but usually drawn out. Think "Boooooooo". It's often heard when someone is "Winning".

"LMS or TBH" - Don't know what these often used acronyms mean? Spend three seconds on Facebook and, if you can dodge the coded "#467 I think you're great" messages to tell someone how they're loved via assigned number, you'll be begged to "LMS" or "TBH". They mean "Like My Status" or "To Be Honest" and always deserve a "BOOOOOOO" or at least a return status to "SMH" (Shake my head.)

And finally (though there are a lot of additional words)...

"Shut the Front Door" - Remember the gum commercial that helps clean dirty mouths by being very suggestive with its language? "What the French Toast" is it going to take to move away from veiled dirty talk in 2012?

Here's to hoping another batch of awesome words can be lampooned before the Mayan calendar runs out on December 21, 2012 and we all enter Doomsday. Now that is going to be EPIC.

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