Sen. Shelby reacts to recess appointment

Senator Richard Shelby (R)
Senator Richard Shelby (R)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - President Barack Obama named a Director  to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wednesday, and the announcement was immediately greeted with outrage from Republicans.

The controversy comes as the President installs Richard Corday to the position he was nominated for months ago. The president used a tactic made popular during the Bush Administration that allows for appointments during recesses of Congress.

Alabama's senior senator reacted to the news with the following statement:

Senator Richard Shelby (R)

"President Obama actually created one job today. Unfortunately, this new employee is an unaccountable bureaucrat who will have immense power over the economy.  President Obama's philosophy is clear: government knows best, and the bigger, the better. In light of his record, it's not surprising that he end ran the elected representatives of the American people to avoid accountability to them."

President Obama, as a senator from Illinois, opposed the practice but has made use it several times to end stalled nominations held-up by Congress. Obama has appointed some 30 individuals in this manner while President George W. Bush named approximately 170.

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