New Orleans: $500 million in ten days

New Orleans is starting 2012 off with a bang saying in the first ten days of the year it's seen over half a billion dollars injected into its local economy.

A string of events starting with a New Year's Eve party in the French Quarter and capped with the BCS championship game have brought good news to the city once decimated by Hurricane Katrina.

The first two weeks of the new year are also proving something else: The city has the ability to handle large scale events.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu said Wednesday the events, which included the Sugar Bowl and an NFL playoff game for the Saints, drew over 300,000 people during the 10-day period.

As a result, hotels were filled, restaurants and shops were bristling with traffic, and few problems came up!

Officials say even the trash tossed around by all those people - 60,000 pounds of it - was picked up quickly, giving tourists clean streets every morning.

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