Grants help dom. violence, rape victims

Gov. Robert Bentley is awarding two grants totaling $310,000 in an effort to ensure that domestic violence and rape victims receive appropriate and adequate assistance when they seek help from local agencies and organizations.

The grants are going to the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence ($160,000) and the Alabama Coalition Against Rape ($150,000).

ACADV will use its funding to support its Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence program.

ACAR will use its funding to continue its Outreach and Services to Victims of Sexual Assault program.

Both programs train the staff of local law enforcement agencies, health care organizations, courts and domestic violence shelters to recognize the signs of abuse and respond more effectively to domestic and dating violence as well as stalking.

"One of the best ways to break the cycles of domestic abuse and sexual assault is to make sure victims receive timely and adequate assistance," Bentley said. "The training provided by the coalitions strengthens the services provided by other agencies across the state and helps minimize the impact of domestic abuse and rape."

The Governor's office said that in the coming year, both coalitions will continue working with employee assistance programs, mental health facilities and prevention organizations to help victims find the assistance and preventative counseling they need.

The funds were made available by the U.S. Justice Department and are being administered via the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA).

INFORMATION SOURCE: Governor's Press Office