Bend-a-Hanger - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Finding the right hanger to fit the right clothing is not always easy.  The Bend-a-Hanger could solve that problem, if it works.  The flexible, foam hanger claims to conform into a shape that will hold any article of clothing.  We test these claims.

The packaging comes with six Bend-a-Hangers and requires only some assembly.  Basically, I just screwed the metal hook into the top of the foam tube holder and I was ready to go!

I test with several garments.  I begin with a male sweater and a standard shape to this hanger.  The sweater hangs fine with, the only potential problem being marks on the edge of the sweater where the hanger ends and the weight of the sweater pulls down on it.

With a thin strapped female shirt, I bend the hanger upward, and it hangs fine.  Hanging two more shirts, we find the Bend-a-Hanger holds them both well.

Onto a dress, I place the Bend-a-Hanger in the upward position.  After hanging the dress, the hanger wants to spin and turn downward.  I couldn't get the hanger to face upward with the weight of the dress, so I turn to the box to get creative on hanging the dress before giving up.  I form a U-shape on both sides of the hanger to allow the straps to rest without gravity getting in the way.  This works well.  Even more adjustments alleviate the bumps on the sweaters with some extra bending of the edges.

So in the end, a bend in the right direction earns the Bend-a-Hanger a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We ordered our six pack Bend-a-Hangers online for about $8 plus tax and shipping fees.

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