Alabama Reaction


"This is a stunning decision at a time when the need for economic growth and job creation could not be greater.  It is a huge lost opportunity to create good-paying jobs for middle class Americans without adding to our nation's enormous debt.  President Obama is apparently interested in pursuing jobs only through government spending and not through private sector growth."


"The President spends a great deal of his time talking about job creation, but today he blocked the Keystone XL  pipeline project that would have actually created tens of thousands of jobs. Additionally, the pipeline would increase energy supply in America, stabilize energy prices for all Americans, and decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern sources of oil.

"I consider his decision a grave mistake and I hope that Congress will continue to push him to reconsider this error in judgment."


"Anyone following events in the Middle East knows how important it is for America to reduce its dependence on oil from hostile regimes.  The Keystone pipeline would bring up to a million barrels of oil a day into the U.S. from our faithful friend, Canada.  Affordable, reliable energy is critical to manufacturers in Alabama and to job creation across the country.  President Obama and his Administration have put politics ahead of our energy needs and national security with this decision and increased the likelihood that the oil and jobs will go to China instead.  This is a bad decision for America."

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Sessions, Roby and Bachus are all Republicans.