Editorial: Presidential Primaries

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This weekend South Carolina voters will head to the poles to vote for their candidate of choice in the republican primary for President.  We in Alabama will have to wait until March 13th to cast our votes.

Here's a thought for the Presidential candidates so we in Alabama can make an informed decision in March. From this point on let's try and focus more on what you can do to make our country a better place to live and work and less on what is wrong with the other candidates.

We all understand the temptation and the strategy involved in beating up on your opposition's record – but we want to hear about your plans.  The more you talk about why the other guy is the wrong choice the less we get to hear why you are the right choice.

Does that make sense?

So with the numerous domestic and worldwide issues you will need to tackle head on we American's need to hear your plans.

So do us a favor - focus on the issues, don't talk to us in political sound bites, articulate your vision and the race for the presidency can rise above the drama and the political rhetoric.

We appreciate and encourage your feedback.

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